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The Story Behind Our Cardinal Blend

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We believe coffee is much more than just another product.

Society sometimes ignores the fact that something or someone went through much sacrifice all to meet our needs or enjoyment. This is even more relevant within the coffee industry. Coffee farmers worldwide continue to struggle to keep their generational farms alive due to market pricing continuing to drop. With your help, we dream to help make a difference in the coffee market within the four walls our coffee house in Jacksonville, Alabama. Real change in the coffee industry happens through long term commitment and relationship. For us to achieve this goal we must first commit to LEARN about our valued farmers. Coffee is not just about the product... but the people behind it.

We plan to display this vision and commitment to long term relationship through our Cardinal Blend. Just like a cardinal, we hope this coffee reminds you of a special person like the farmers behind our blend. We hope to see change happen in the lives of our farmers through giving our best to them no matter what comes. Our blend this season will represent 2 families from Central and South American farms.


Balconies de Cielo: Balconies of Heaven

Notes: Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Balanced

Region: Pangoa

Altitude: 1800 msl

Process: Washed

Type: Red/Yellow Caturra and Bourbon

Our connection with Peru began with a local friend and fellow coffee business owner Jerod Snider with Called Coffee in Anniston, AL. Jerod connected us with some of the most beautiful people we have ever had the privilege to meet. Tim Goshorn (top photo - middle) and Salvador (bottom photo) are over this remarkable farm in Pangoa, Peru. Tim is a full time missionary with a passion for changing lives in practical ways such as children's ministry, women's prison ministry, medical clinics, and now coffee farming. One of his dreams was to start a farm and to hire locals within the vicinity of this farm to help with the harvest bi annually. Up to this day we hear stories often of how the gospel is being proclaimed through the harvest time at Tim's farm called "Balconies of Heaven". This world class coffee is washed, pulped, and dried in state of the art raised beds. We were able to witness in our visit in 2019 just how skilled our friend Salvador is with a chainsaw as he milled the wood from the jungle trees into 2/4s for this raised bed structure! We believe you are going to enjoy this rich and smooth coffee in our blend and hope it displays our commitment to great people harvesting truly good coffee.


Finca La Unica

Notes: Watermelon, Strawberry Preserves, Tea Like

Region: Cartagua, Copan, Honduras

Altitude: 1400 msl

Process: Natural

Our team wanted our blend to have a distinct "red" flavor and this coffee did NOT disappoint. The coffee from this beautiful farm is planted and harvested with purpose. Leticia Lopez Hutchins' farm is female owned and seeks to improve local lives, sustainable farming, and extraordinary coffee. The coffee industry, in times past, has been dominated by a male presence but Leticia hopes to change that through her mission at Finca La Unica. This farm displays not only some of the most stunning scenery in the world, but also one the most vibrant coffees we will ever offer! Its very fruit-forward and delicate, but we hope that it will carry on that red PUNCH that will brighten up your day!

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