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You will notice something unique when you view our menu... our pricing. We wanted to do business differently. Our goal is to have a business model that reflects the values of the Kingdom. We call it “Pay As You Can" pricing. Yeah... you read that right! We believe in setting the tone that our business is not built on the foundation of making money, but instead on making a difference. The prices you see below are simply a suggestion for you. Your drink can be free or you can pay more to put into our community fund. Regardless of what you choose to give us, we will give you our absolute best. Everyone deserves a great cup of coffee regardless of their means.

Transparency is a priority to us and we plan to share who, what, and where our support will go. Profits made by our business will go back to our community and the Kingdom. You can be rest assured that with each purchase you are making a difference.

We believe that "Good coffee does good."

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