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Producers: Adelmo Lopez | Leticia Hutchins

Location: Honduras 

Process: Washed 70% | Natural 30%

Taste Like: Chocolate Covered Cherries | Brown Sugar | Clean 

We are excited to display two producers from the same family with this coffee. This family of farmers embody strength, tradition, and resilience. Adelmo's coffee is the clean classic backdrop for this blend and served as our espresso. Leticia's coffee is a natural process coffee that was produced to entertain the taste buds with some bright cherry notes.

We serve this as our House blend in the Coffeehouse. Like a Cardinal, we want this blend to remind you of special people in our lives and yours. Our partners. They are the joy we taste in the cup with a friend. Here is a cheers to them!

This cup will have a classic profile that pairs well with any cream or sweetener! It also packs some fun flavor notes that are entertaining as a black cup of coffee! We want to make our customers feel at home, but on an adventure all at the same time while enjoying this coffee. Take a bag home and enjoy with a friend!

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