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We are a company that seeks to change our city, the coffee market, and our world for good through the Kingdom of God, a devotion to community, and honor for excellent coffee. We are committed to serving the highest quality product possible first to display the coffee farmers product well but also for our local customers in Jacksonville, AL. We cannot wait to meet you all in our Coffeehouse and we pray that it feels like home for you. Welcome to THE Redbird family! 

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Hope Food Co  is a business outreach for Hopecity and the personal inspiration behind The Redbird for Gary & Laura.  Seeing the impact on community and the kingdom outreach firsthand, demonstrated how business and Jesus could be intermingled.  The mentorship provided by the Hope Food Co leaders was invaluable to our beginning.  To be obedient to God and our commitment to Kingdom growth we are honored to make Hope Food Co part of The Redbird with ownership in our company.  If you ever have the pleasure of being in Wallburg, North Carolina you have got to try the loaded barbecue chicken nachos from Hope Truck Food Co and grab a cold brew from Given Coffee.


JonMichael and Raeanne Lee are a vital part of our Redbird team. JonMichael is passionate about sharing his love for coffee with education, as well as impacting the coffee market through giving others an exceptional experience with our products on the menu.  Raeanne is excited to steward community and a family atmosphere within our shop - and of course, enjoying an iced caramel latte. You'll be able to catch them with their two daughters hanging around the shop! This family has always dreamed of this opportunity and can't wait to share their gifts with our coffeehouse community.


The “girls” are the daughters of Gary and Laura.  Reghan, Meredith, and Kendall have each played a crucial role in the vision of a community based coffeehouse. Though owning a coffeehouse was not a career pursuit for any of them, and they are all still pursuing their own careers, each is excited for the love and community that will come. Each one of the girls brings a different aspect of business and Jesus to The Redbird; you may find them serving you coffee, balancing books, or running social media.  Regardless of what they are doing, you can find them with a top secret drink in their hands - make sure to ask them what they’re drinking!

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Gary and Laura are the founders and visionaries behind The Redbird.  Laura brings a true gift of hospitality and makes everyone that walks in the doors feel like they’re  part of a bigger community.  Her Italian heritage shines through in her passion for making all of the syrups from scratch!  Gary shares his love for business with the Redbird team and brings a unique perspective to the coffee world.  A coffee house wasn’t on their radar when they moved to Alabama, but God had a different plan for them!  You’ll be able to find them at The Redbird most of the time, usually “discussing” how to pronounce care-uh-male.

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